Our Classroom

Made Specially for our Students!!

At Early Excellence, our students will discover, learn and grow together in a loving, nurturing and safe environment. By implementing creative, interactive, age-appropriate learning activities; our students blossom into well-rounded and independent thinkers. Each student’s individual growth is closely monitored using the following assessments: Teaching Strategies Gold, Marie Clay’s Observation Survey, curriculum based assessments from the Everyday Math Series and the Developmental Learning Materials, teacher-made assessments, teacher observations, and/or anecdotal note-taking.  All of our classrooms consist of a  2:16 teacher to student ratio.  

Other Programs Offered

The Summer Explorer’s Educational Program ~ a fun summer educational program for children ages 2.5 – 12 years old.
Job-training workshops, classes, professional development opportunities ~ for individuals pursuing a career field in business or education.
Family/Parenting classes ~ a free family program that promotes positive parenting through the Incredible Years Program.