At Early Excellence, students are encouraged to learn, grow and discover more about themselves and the beautiful world we live through a well-designed, creative and interesting curriculum and classroom learning environment. Through ongoing observations and assessments, our dedicated teachers specially craft and design an instruction plan for each child.  Our curriculum is challenging, yet age-appropriate and stimulating for all children. Some of the main areas of focus you will see implemented in our classrooms (on a daily basis) are:  literacy, language development, early math skills, gross motor development, social-emotional learning, health/nutrition, art, music, pre-writing, and structured and unstructured play.

All classroom studies are in alignment with Colorado State Standards. Additionally, the Developmental Learning Materials Curricula (the curriculum used in our classrooms), promotes children’s pre-literacy, math, motor, music, art, and science skills.

Early Excellence also implements the Mighty Moves Curriculum, a fun and exciting program that brings healthy eating choices to life through literacy, exploring and cooking new foods, and healthy and imaginative physical activities.